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Welcome to Omega Piezo:
Manufacturer of High Quality
Piezoelectric and Alumina Products

Omega Piezo Technologies Inc. manufactures high quality piezoelectric and alumina products at competitive prices. Our piezoelectric products include piezoceramic components, piezo single crystals, piezo subassemblies and devices, and select piezo based systems. We also offer engineering services including product design and development, testing, and rapid prototyping of devices.

Our alumina products consist of high alumina content (>95%), high precision, alumina ceramics.

We want to be your best supplier... and constantly strive to offer you the highest quality, lowest prices, and most rapid delivery times on all of our products. We also aim to offer the best customer service.

Omega's engineers work closely with individual customers to provide solutions. We offer engineering support services including material selection, component design assistance, device and system modeling, and failure analysis. Omega Piezo provides prototype, pilot, and full scale manufacturing.

Omega also manufactures thermal management components and systems for thermally constrained circuitry in both military and civilian applications, as well as alternative energy systems. The website for this product line is temporarily under construction, but if you have any questions regarding these components, please feel free to contact us in the meantime using the contact us form located on this website.

Contact us for quotations and delivery information.